Evge Egypt is one of the oldest private sector shipping firms in Egypt.

In 1974 as soon as the open door economic policy was introduced, Evge established an office in Alexandria and its legal status was owners representatives.

During the period 1975-1985 Evge established additional four offices in Egypt.

In 1991 Evge Damietta started the activity at our office in Ras El Bar which was actually established in 1984 when Damietta port was under construction.

In 1992 another office was established inside Damietta port at The Container Terminal in order to secure the 24 hours attendance to port operations . At the time we were representing a joint full container service between CMA and POL-Levant named JOS.

In 1998 as soon as the Government allowed the establishment of private Shipping Agencies, Evge obtained the license to act as Shipping Agents for all type of vessels. In this respect we immediately earned The ISO 9001: 2000 certificate and then upgraded to ISO 9001:2008.

Today Evge Egypt employs over 100 full time professionals.

The Agency is open seven days a week and the Operations staff is available 24 hours.

The Shipping Agency is part of the Agency Network of EVGE Group worldwide.

During the years Evge Egypt has been entrusted the Agency of several Multinational Companies in the Transport Industry.

The Head Office of Evge Egypt is located in Alexandria and branch offices in Cairo, Damietta, Port Said and Suez.